Australian retailers giving up on Xbox 360?

Is it bad news for Xbox 360 in the land down under?

According to a Survey which was taken by 10 Australian retailers, the Xbox 360 is not in good standing down under. Most of them feel that the system with it “3 Red Lights” problem will not be reliable later on in the 360’s lifespan. Also, with HD-DVD failing, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 falls under the “guilty under association” category as well.

One retailer even was quoted saying that they’re stocking Xbox 360’s because of their relationship with MS but, all the time in marketing and energy is going into Playstation 3.

So, is it all Bad News Bears? No. I’m sure when retailers get wind of the Blu-Ray add-on and the motion controller, these retailers will get a reboot in confidence.

Good Idea: Aussie Retailers consider dumping Xbox 360 [STLToday]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

2 Responses

  1. When this story was new (oh snap), many called it out as being biased and unaccurate. So I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

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