Are you Boycotting Battlefield:Bad Company?(Update 2)

First of all, howdy do.

If you haven’t witnessed the mess which EA has caused with their new game Battlefield:Bad Company then let me fill you in.

The whole thing started when gamers noticed in the Battlefield:Bad Company beta that some weapons were locked and a message of “Available for purchase on Xbox Live Marketplace” was displayed right next to them. When the news hit late last month on video game blogs/sites the internetz were red with fury.

Now, Sarcastic Gamer has come with an idea that gamers worldwide should boycott Battlefield: Bad Company because if you pay $59.99 plus tax you should get the entire game not part of it, right?

What do you think of this? Are you boycotting? The game looks so sweet though…. 🙂

[UPDATE 1-According to Sarcastic Gamer, EA will make an annoucement next week regarding the pricing on the weapons. [Click here for article]

[UPDATE 2-The Prices have been removed! [Click here for Article]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

6 Responses

  1. I’m boycotting it.

  2. Unless you plan on buying everyone here bullets when EA thinks they can charge for them too, BOYCOTT!

  3. […] Stop the Boycott! Electronic Arts has Confirmed to IGN that they have taken away the price tag for those 5 weapons in Battlefield:Bad Company. The guns which were going to be sold at a price will be unlocked when you hit the level cap of “25″. If you buy the Gold edition of Battlefield:Bad Company, you will have these guns already unlocked. […]

  4. I’m in the beta and think its O.K.
    This new no Weapons Charge news is good..but knowing EA..theres a catch.

  5. […] all the hooplah over those priced weapons is over, but it still feels like a dreary rain cloud still hangs over […]

  6. there will be a catch lol there always is !!

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