Is Microsoft developing an Xmote?

It\'s a conspiracy!

After the success of the Nintendo Wii, it’s only natural for Microsoft to not want to sit back and watch Nintendo continue on with its success. So when an unnamed source comes out of the wood work to give unsubstantiated details as to Microsoft perceivably developing it’s own take on what Nintendo has made a killing on over the last year or so, no one should be surprised if it turned out to indeed be true. Supposedly tasked with the project is Rare. Not exactly in the highest of light with gamers according to it’s poorly reviewed and sold games since it was acquired by Microsoft several years ago. The eerily Wii-mote like device depicted is strait out of the Nintendo catalog.

The only real problem Nintendo has on it’s hands is the motion control it has being a pure novelty as it’s stuck attached to what’s now considered an inadequate machine powering it. In Microsoft’s case, that wouldn’t be a problem. Does the Xbox 360 or a predecessor need motion control of any kind? To follow the trend that leads to more money, Yes. After all, don’t be fooled. None of this is for the sake of the craft. It’s always about the money. Don’t forget that. Nintendo practically has a money printing machine and Microsoft has to say, “We want one of those to”. Aledgedly.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. Well this is a stupid idea because if they do this then it will be a disaster! They really need to think about it before it happens. Nintendo will try to sue the Microsoft company because they are trying to use there idea. Well i think Microsoft should just be as they are because they have the online service, playstation has the graphics, and nintendo has the motion sensitive.

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