The Xbox Domain turns into The PlayStation Domain

The PlayStation Domain

Where Xbox comes to die!

As you may have noticed, The Xbox Domain hasn’t been getting updated as much as you or anyone on the staff would like. Now, there’s nothing left for us to do than to spill the beans. The Xbox Domain will be turning to the dark side. Out with the Xbox Domain and in with The PS3 Domain. The lack of posts are indeed caused by our ridiculous time with PlayStation 3 while our 360’s collect dust.

  • Great games, who needs’em
  • Great online (when it works), Ha! Overrated.
  • A Community team to turn to, who needs them either

We’ve had it with all of the good games available for the Xbox 360. Who needs good games anyway. So, much like Darth Vader, we bow down to that of which is Sony.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

A sneak peek

6 Responses


  2. April Fools!

  3. Man fanboyism is getting old.

  4. lol
    I knew it was a trick from the beginning!


  5. John: What fanboyism? You may want to check out that about page above. If you want to believe that then that’s fine. Our friends at Xbox360Fanboy would be happy to be called fanboy’s.

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