Cheaters beware!

Since the envelopment of this thing we now call achievements, it was only natural for some to come only in the event of gaming the system. Surely not everyone will be legitimate,ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s right not to be. So, in the event that your spotted or found out to be gaming the system for achievements the following shall happen to said person, because that wouldn’t be you, now would it?

Resetting the entire Gamerscore for an account to zero
• The account will be unable to regain all previously obtained achievements and Gamerscore, however, the players will have the ability to gain future Achievements by earning them fairly, like the majority of the Xbox LIVE community does.
• The account will be clearly labeled as a cheater for the community to view on You can see an example here. In dash, the personal view of the gamercard will be labeled as well.

This shouldn’t have to happen to anyone so please play fair.

[update: On second thought this is what should happen to you if you cheat for achievements]

[Via Major Nelson]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. Is it so wrong I’m wanting to change my tag to look like that now? =P

  2. Hall of shame…

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