Xbox dissed? No way man! Or was it?

Alright peeps, I’m going to warn all comers to one simple fact. Whatever comes after this is going to be ridiculous beyond belief. Not even Ripley’s can believe this or not.

So, you see that picture above right. Look at it closely. Click on it if you must. It seems innocent enough. But look over it again. It’s heralded as being a picture of 80 videogame characters. Sweet huh! I’m sure it’s been done before unsolicited at some convention, but that’s beside the point I’m about to blow your minds with as this is related to the new “Guinness World Record Gamer’s Edition 2008,” . Is there something missing from this image. Oh yes, there sure is. Not one of these people is dressing up or COSPLAYing (got to be PC you know) as any character from the known Xbox related universe. Not a one! “What up wit that?”.

Am I calling conspiracy here. Damn right I am. Unless I missed something, somethings up. Nintendo and Sony are brainwashing all with contempt against Xbox. This is no Area 51 style cover up. This is way beyond that. No Master Chief? Really? How can that be? No mech from Mech Assault (even though I wouldn’t even know how Stan Winston would pull that off). No kid with his super soaker ala Grabbed by the Ghoulies? That game was an instant classic. That’s right, a classicly forgettable game that is. No Zombie ala Dead Rising? No alternate future airplane from Crimson Skies? No Cortana? No five bazillion buttoned controller from Steel Battalion? No Cortana? (That one deserved a second mention). No time sweeping cats? No Futuristic punk in-line skaters? No Jedi from the Old republic? Need I say more? That wasn’t a rhetorical question. Need I say more?

Surely, Master Chief must have gotten trampled underneath all of those Mario’s. That must be it. Or is this the videogame man trying to keep the Xbox man down. The Xbox community sees how it is.

Stephen Totilo asks this:

“Can you name all the costumes on display?”

But what he should have asked is where is the Xbox representation. See I told you it’s a conspiracy to keep us down. 😉

[Via MTV Multiplayer Blog]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

4 Responses

  1. Oh, the war is on!

    *grabs camera, cat and vacuum cleaner*

  2. Mikeal: I seemed to have lost my vacuum. Darn it!

  3. the guy holding the sign is from half life 2 (orange box anyone)

  4. RoNeil: Yes, the Orange Box in available on the 360 but what I was getting at were Xbox only figure’s. Half Life is very much PC centric still. Very nice for pointing that out though. 🙂

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