A “Rainbow” pile of a body count bug

When Rainbow Six Vegas 2 hit the streets a few days ago I’m sure Ubisoft didn’t think that there would be any chance of major bugs in the game getting passed the QA process. Fast Foward a few days and lots of people are having a blast with the game as expected. Then there are those who have encountered what can be seen in the video above. The only way to describe it is this: Houston, we happen a bug problem? As you can see by the video, if this were to get to a point where everyone and there mother were to game the ranking system of RB6:V2 lots of people would be screaming for heads to roll. Hopefully this isn’t to widespread, because this would destroy this game rather quickly for those who care to play the game “the right way”. Can anyone say “auto update time”?

[Thanks to unfamiliars for pointing this out]

-William thewilleffect” Bell- 

One Response

  1. *******, that’s all I got. Let them wallow in their fail. But yes, an auto update would be nice.

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