ESPN Top 10 3/19 Halo 3 Video

*Note: Hit up the via link below for the video, as for a vortex is breaking the space time continuum at the moment preventing the video from being displayed here.

After seeing this video I have to say, not impressed. I’ve done better in my dreams. No scoping. Ha! Try no gunning. What’s that you say? Try looking at your opponent with the greatest Jedi mind trick no Jedi can ever wish up. That’s the level I’m on. I’ll overkill the other team just by being in the same match as them. How about fragging them trucks?

Back to reality: 99% of us will never be this good, but again I’ll have to say that I’m actually not to bad at all, that is until I arrive back in my dreams that is.

[Via MLG]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

3 Responses

  1. Great post! Thanks. I wonder what it would feel like if you were tied 49 to 49, then a random cone smacks you in the head…

  2. Your right, I forgot about those evil yellow traffic cones. They exist in a space time outside of my control. Damn! You’ve found my kryptonite. Don’t let anyone else know. Know one else can see this can they? 😉

  3. How I subscribe to send My Video to MLG to see is Posted in the Top 10 ESPN Halo3?

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