Battlefield: Bad Company beta signups are go!


Battlefield: Bad Company is on its way some time this century and what better way to get ready for this game than test it first. We all (I hope) know how this went down when it came to the Halo 3 and COD4 beta’s. This one is exclusively through IGN and Gamespy for the Xbox 360 only. So, get on over there now, because the Governator said so. Good Luck!

• Multiplayer beta is ONLY on Xbox 360
Xbox LIVE Gold Account REQUIRED
• Keys reserved for IGN Insider/Founders’ Club Members
• Experience with Battlefield, FPS games, and past beta tests required

[Via IGN/Fileplanet]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

5 Responses

  1. Got mine this morning.
    Apparently I’ll have my 360 back very soon.

  2. Sweet. Good luck on getting your 360 back. I’m 360 less at the moment as well.

  3. eghh…man do i wish i was a member, oh well, ill just have to wait for the full game…

  4. pasz: Go signup for Gamespy. You might still get in.

    On another note, that’s why I hate sign-ins. It’s great to be able to comment here without a login isn’t it. The only issue is that more choose not to do it. If your reading this. I know you have something to say. We’re listening.

  5. Oh what the poop, only subscribers keys left.

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