Banjo Threeie aka 3ie site arrives (sort of)

Fan’s of Banjo Kazooie need not worry. The next installment in the series is still coming. Not a peep has come from Rare about the game since it was announced eons ago (except for a comment here and there from MGS head Shane Kim), but rest assured it is indeed still coming. There’s no hope to lose, yet, as for a new website for the game has sprung up. It’s not much of a site, but it’s a site by definition. So, there you have it. The disappointment can subside for now. Until then, go have a look at the most magnificent gold puzzle piece you’ll ever lay eyes on, unless your susceptible to convulsions very easily. Spinning puzzle pieces can do that sometimes.


-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

4 Responses

  1. All I ask is that this isn’t a mini-game collection.

  2. For Rare’s sake it better not be a mini-game collection, or the zombie apocalypse will finally happen. And we know what’s going down if that happens. Capcom is going to come to all of our rescue with an army of suing lawyers after we all lock ourselves in a mall. Legal speak is deadly even for the dead.

  3. My friend is so excited for this game. And so am I 😀

  4. About damn time. All I have to say.

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