Lost Planet: Colonies comes out of the closet

All closet jokes aside, Lost Planet: Colonies has finally unmasked itself after tons of obvious clues to it’s existence. Sure, it’s not exactly a complete sequel. but there’s one reason why that’s a okay. Achievement whores everywhere will be happy to know that save files don’t transfer over for the original release. So, you know what that means. A whole new set of achievements await to be taken advantage of. Hip Hip Hooray!

*A multiplayer video can be found after the break. Can you say, crossplatform?

[Via Ve3tro]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

3 Responses

  1. ok wow as much as i didnt like the original game(for its boring ness and weak multiplayer)

    this looks sooo fun!

    Reminds me of starship troopers…ON ICE
    I might accually pick this up just for multiplayer

  2. I have the first one, have yet to finish it.
    I just hope they really fixed online this time.

  3. The original game pasted me by because of Gears of War, but I’ll have to give some serious thought to this if only to have the joy of making someone on the pc fell bad after losing to a 360 player.

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