I like Frontlines:Fuel of War

I went to my friend’s house this past weekend and played some Frontlines: Fuel of War. I played some of the single player and multiplayer and I had a good time. I played the demo when it was released and I was left with the impression that I would never in a million years buy this game but I did this past Monday. The game is not even close to being stellar with multiplayer that lags and a short single player campaign but there’s something that keeps my attention.

Frontlines has a certain charm to it and I don’t mind that I spent 65 Dollars on it. The game uses EA’s Battlefield series as it’s inspiration and at some points I feel like I’m playing Battlefield because the similarities are shocking. Don’t think Kaos studios just did a complete rip-off as Frontlines does some new things. I love using the suicide bomber drone which takes the from as a helicopter which you can fly into enemy territory and detonating.

The tank drone is a pesky little killing machine which you can drive into enemy territory and wreak havoc. I’m enjoying the single player but it’s way too short. I’ve been playing the single player for about 4 hours and I only have two chapters left. The average chapter will take anywhere between 25-45 minutes depending on difficulty(I’m playing on Normal).

The multiplayer is enjoyable but it does have some problems. Sometimes tanks drive through solid objects, opponents take hundreds of bullets, and some games lag horribly. Kaos has stated that they’re fixing the problems in an future update so that is good news.

So, problems aside I’m enjoying the game and if you enjoy Battlefield type games I say give it a rent to test out the waters.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

5 Responses

  1. I agree with thirlls, great game (easy 1000 achievments for those who care….lmao) online is awesom, but has its flaws. My biggest turn off is how hard it is to get into a ranked game. Next time i see you thrills, i might join ya up

  2. I really enjoy this game. I just finished the campaign tonight, and I will keep it around for the 50 player fre-for-alls!

  3. It was good rental, I enjoyed it.

  4. I agree. The single player campaign is way too short but the multiplayer is great fun, especially the urban combat maps. Its a little less hectic than COD4 which is good for my blood pressure. Credit to the sound guys as this has some of the loudest and best guns and battle sounds. If you have a decent system..crank it up!

  5. I know I shouldn’t judge a game by its demo.. but man.. the demo for this screamed “meh”

    I will put it in my GameFly queue because even though I don’t hear much praise for the game.. I haven’t heard much hate on it either.

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