Bioshock 2 Announced + Borderlands Delayed


Released by TakeTwo today, a fiscal report has indicated two interesting news pieces. One is that TakeTwo during its first quarter has gained in sales upwards to $240 mil and losses down to $38 million. What should be great news to fans and gamers who loved Bioshock, you can well expect a sequel on its way thanks to the wonderful numbers brought in sales. 2 million copies have been sold worldwide to be exact says the publisher.

Bioshock 2 will be developed by the newly acquired Mafia developer; Illusion Softworks and is being planned for a fall 2009 release.

Meanwhile, the anticipated  sci-fi shooter; Borderlands, which had a release date scheduled for christmas of this year has been delayed to 2009, in other words “sometime after October of this year, “to allow additional development time for this highly anticipated game.”

Very excited to see what comes out of Bioshock 2 as I’ve heard rumors that this will actually be a prequel instead of a real sequel. I really liked what they did with Bioshock itself so they can only get better from here.

Jereme “Restless Devil” Puik

[Via Evil Avatar and Gamasutra]

3 Responses

  1. Fall 2009…its so far away!!!!!

  2. Can’t wait! We must sacrifice something to get it out faster! *Grabs the nearest person who hasonly posted once*

  3. I’ll start a bonfire, we’re doing immolation right?

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