Life at Microsoft, no really, it should be

In the wake of customer service concerns raring it’s ugly head quite a bit lately when it comes to Microsoft (Xbox in this case obviously), I’ve returned to a video that at first glance was genius. After watching it several times in a row and somehow forgetting about it the first time around, the pay off of this video (at the end) mainly staring Channel 10’s Tina Wood is in some weird way to good for its own good. Jedi masters everywhere should be amazed at the level of control over the force the tech ninjas have at Microsoft.



-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

7 Responses

  1. Tina Wood works at Microsoft now? Wow, good for her.

  2. I just want to add my 2 cents.. without having watched it… WHO THINKS ITS A GOOD IDEA TO AUTOMATICALLY PLAY SOMETHING? Its getting real annoying fast how many sites do it, just like hearing “CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON AN IPOD!” from a banner.

  3. Meh, is it that hard to pause it?

  4. Its not the pausing, its the unsuspected noise when I have speakers at max blasting Alice Cooper/Buckethead/KMFDM/Dead Kennedys/Orbital/insert other music and suddenly something completely different starts playing.

  5. Sorry guys. The video has been replaced. It’ll never happen again. Your Ipod is in the mail Geo. 😉

  6. lol will I didn’t expect a change, it just seems like videos are the new PDF. You don’t expect a thing.. THEN BAM! Except now my speakers blast instead of my browser freezing.

  7. […] the whole video. The payoff is mighty good and you thought the Statue of Happiness was clever. Tina Wood dun be funny again. My engrish is so good. Ain’t […]

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