The screwed get unscrewed in a big way

Something wonderful has happened. Bungie Studios have come through on their word to try to fix some of the wrong that befell on who is only known as Nathaniel, after he was wronged in a cruel way. Then again, that was before and this is now. Bungie has gone above, beyond, over, side ways, and diagonally stomped all over this in a HUGE way. The above is the swag bag of stuff that was sent to him by Bungie after only a week had pasted. Believe what you want, hate Halo 3,000 ways to the zombie apocalypse, or think that this is a throw away issue. Bungie has shown that not everyone are cold and heartless Neanderthals as some of the response to this has shown toward all parties in involved. The only thing left to do is commend Bungie on a job well done. Keep on fragging horrible customer service.

[Via Hawtymcbloggy]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

4 Responses

  1. O_O
    I feel so sorry for the guy……

  2. So freaking awesome…

  3. Damn, that obviously doesn’t make up for the rubbbed off 360. While, its nice that they actually did something for the guy; it would’ve been much better if they got the 360 autographed and drawn again. 😦

  4. nice of em to provide a form of compensation, but where’s m$’s involvement … typical they wont do anything, the company makes more in a day than I make in a year and they cant even compensate for something so pathetically stupid and unprofessional. still say the kid shud sue em

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