How to Play Grifball, Red vs. Blue style

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A little while back a Halo 3 game variant known as Grifball hit the scene. It’s a great showcase of what the customization of Halo 3 can offer. It’s fun as you would think, but none of that matters if you don’t know how to play. Shown above is a quick walk through by Roosterteeth’s Red vs. Blue. A feature that those of you loving Call of Duty 4 don’t have the ability to create, this should remind gamers of the depth of that current #2 Xbox Live game Halo 3.


-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

5 Responses

  1. If you hear someone yelling “HERE FISHY FISHY FISHY” on Live playing Grifball this weekend, its me with the CAG team.

  2. brings back red vs blue memories…..

  3. I’m guessing you have to have Foundry to play this, lame.

  4. No Paus, you’re the only one that’s lame.

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