Army of Two Impressions

I picked up EA’s Army of Two a couple of days ago and so far, so good. The graphics look very nice during gameplay with the cutscenes looking even better. The story of Army of Two is these 2 buddies (Rios and Salem) are contractors who get paid tons of cash to do the dirty work that the US Government doesn’t want to do. The game takes you to locals which include places like Afghanistan and Iraq for example.

While some games are mostly built for a single-player experience, Army of Two was built with co-op tactical action in mind. You and your partner will have to team up to take out terrorists and baddies alike. Since the game is all about co-op let’s talk about that. The game includes different types of interactions which you can have with your partner.

One of my favorite co-op interactions includes either Rios or Salem using a riot shield with your teammate right behind you busting caps into terrorist. (Video Below)

Also, the back to back interaction may seems “Michael Bayish” at the beginning but it feels so damn cool. (Video Below)

I’m about 5 Missions in so I can’t talk about the ending and things of that nature but so far I’m pretty pleased. I haven’t tried the versus modes( 2 vs 2) as I want to complete the story first but I look forward to that as well. You can play the single player with an AI controlled teammate but I highly suggest you play with a friend(Xbox Live, Splitscreen) to get the whole Army of Two experience. The game seems like it’s going to be pretty short( 5-6 Hours) so keep that in mind if you hate short games in length.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

5 Responses

  1. Going to rent it this weekend, hit me me up for Multiplayer Thrills. <(o.o<

  2. I’ve heard online is a little laggy right now, but will be patched.
    Btw- 360 coffin came today…its on its way. 😦

  3. yeah, i played through the whole game with my friend, only took about 6 huors, very short and sweet. i personally love the game, and im real picky, especially with shooters. If your into achievements (like mhuya) then this game will get u going through campaign at least 3 times through probably. I deffinatly suggest at least a rental.

  4. I have to give it to EA for giving the extra time to fix this game, but it sure looks like its befallen to the dread of the focus group. Will I feel any different once I actually get to play it for myself? Maybe, but I’ll live and die from the “is it fun?” drum beat I’m hanging from.

  5. […] Alright folks. There it is. Without stating the obvious, how about that Army of Two. […]

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