Bach says PS3 can’t compete with Xbox Live

What is an executive (Microsoft’s Entertainment and Device’s president Robbie Bach) to say when asked about the competition? It surely isn’t going to be praise.

“Xbox Live is a big differentiator for us,” said Bach to, “That drives a significant amount of energy around what’s on with Xbox.”

This isn’t news, but what’s the significance of this statement? Nothing really. Boys will be boys, and there’s only one thing that’s certain. As long as the PSN exist, it ensures Microsoft will have to continue to evolve Xbox Live and that’s something we can all agree is a good thing.

[Via MCV]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

14 Responses

  1. Xbox Live being the big guy right now is pushing Sony pretty hard too. I’m willing to bet that PSN wouldn’t be free if it wasn’t for competition.

  2. I still can’t say we should necessarily pay for live. Some of the features are nice but aside from playing games on Live I don’t use it for much else. For years PC games have had free online play if you buy the game, and it should be possible on the 360 too. They need some sort of “I just want to play my damn games” membership.

  3. I’ll gladly pay for quality, but at least PSN is heading in the right direction with Home. Nintendo is stuck in the Dark Ages, bunch of morons.

  4. I just want the next evolution. The Xbox Holodeck Live it is.

  5. honestly, the 50 bucks a year is hardly a inconvience, ill just buy one less game for almost flawless online play.

  6. I don’t know if I would call it flawless. There have been a lot of problems around the holidays and matchmaking on (example) Halo 3 is slow as hell. I still don’t like the thought of having to pay to play online, and had I not got a free year I doubt I would be a gold member right now.

  7. yeah i dont see why you should pay to play online play station has always been online free and i love that from play station

  8. BTW, to be a proper Sony fan you need to at least say it right… “Playstation” not “play station”

  9. For my two cents I think Xbox Live is great. It may have some shortcomings that have hampered it in the past and maybe again in the future (hope not, but hey these things happen to the best of them) but its worth 50 bucks for the stuff I get to use and play. To me PSN Home is a nice concept but seriously you have to be a total lame ass to be willing to sit down and screw around an avatar. I mean really, do you really need it? And as far as the money issue is concerned, its true that PC games had free online play but companies must and should understand three words: The Bottom Line. It cost money to purchase and maintain servers. So no matter how they want to be frugal with online play, there will be a day where online play will not be free. as least not across the board. And MS is in this for the money period. Sony will eventually follow suit. They have to…because of something called the bottom line. Cause Stone Cold Steve Austin Says So!

  10. The PS3 is the future, Xbox is a copycat version of the PS systems. XBOX is a joke

  11. RazorX316 you are an ignorant slug. The power of both systems is a wash. the only difference is the Blu-Ray factor. If the Xbox was a copy cat then it would be a difficult system to program for, but its not. The last PS system that was easy to program for was the PS1. The Xbox gained its cues from the Dreamcast which was an easy machine to program for and some design cues as well. By the way last I checked your beloved PS3 is still third and even though they’ve made progress with hardware sales. It’s because of blu-ray and not of its games. Xbox may not be first in hardware and may be surpassed someday, but wins on games and that’s what counts.

  12. A Question, why is a Sony Fanboy on a Xbox Blog?

  13. Yeah, good question. It’s even more funny considering this site doesn’t have any connection to something like The PS3 Domain, unlike something like Xbox 360 Fanboy lol. So people are specifically hunting it out to troll.

    So weird.

  14. Sony and Microsoft are great companies.

    That rue…

    But which is better? is not a question. If u have a 360 and a ps3, theres nothing to worry about. IF u just have a 360 then ur going to say 360 is better, if u have a ps3 then ur going to says ps3 is better. JUst because u say Ps3 is better doesnt mean ps3 is better than 360. the same with 360.

    I have a ps3 and a 360. what am i suppose to say, one is better than da other.?? no sense so what i say is sp3s that i only use online with is a great system and so is 360, the only difference is , i can buy much more with 50 bucks than just online temporarily.

    My comment is Who cares, play with what u have we dont care about ur system if we pick it is because we like it.

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