Darkspire Films gets the compilation treatment

Are you making a Halo machinima? Yeah, yeah, yeah, those Red vs. Blue guys are rather popular, so after playing quite a bit of Halo 3 lately I coincidentally ran into the above Machinima.com compilation of DarkSpire Films“Matchmaking” series. Titled “Haylol 2”, I struggled to keep the laughter in, so here I am spreading it to those of you who have yet to see this. If any of you are playing with me on Live and you hear me yell “OMG Shoot it, Shoot it”, you’ll know where it came from.

Head on over to the DarkSpire Films site for the rest of the awesomeness. “It’s So Nice in Here” is great too.Then there’s Gears also. Yeah I know, don’t let your head explode. (especially if your name is Dustin Burg)

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. You know what this map needs, like two cubic tons of sand right over there.

  2. Oh hey… Our ex-arch enemies.

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