Mario + Halo= Match Made in Heaven

This video is just plain awesome. It’s a Mario/Halo Fusion which just makes my mouth water. Sure, some purist would say “Mario firing weapons??? What??” but it just looks so cool.

[Via The Vash Blog]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

7 Responses

  1. It looks cool and all but I just don’t see it being fun. I’d prefer to see like.. Megaman redone in Halo style. Not the whole “this isn’t mario!” thing, just gameplay wise I don’t think it would work as well.

  2. I like it :O

  3. Yeah it actually looks ok

  4. i don’t know. I like it.

  5. that looks awesome. me want!

  6. That’s one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen!

  7. Didnt think it would work but damn was I wrong 🙂 Good find 🙂

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