Don’t do this to your kids! Please

Seen in this video is a kid opening up a present that he thinks is an Xbox 360. Shortly after when he opens the box, he finds that there’s no Xbox 360 in there, but clothes instead. Now, parents may think that this is a cool idea, but for the love of all things good in the world please don’t tease your kids with presents that they think they got only to find out they’ve been had. This is one sure way to get your kid to hate your for a very long time. After all, all kids will take everything like it’s the end of civilization. Whether or not your child knows that the chances of them getting an Xbox 360 or anything else for that matter are slim to none because of financial reasons, just remember that kids live on hope. It’s not nice to dash that for a quick laugh.

As for my Parental Guidance career, I think it ends right about………….now. 🙂

[Via Engadget]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell- 

12 Responses

  1. Wow that kid looked like he was going to kill all of them right on the spot and the kid holding the camera, making fun of him was just making it worse.

  2. That was cruel. I’m out of words.

  3. So much fail…

  4. sorry but the parents should be hung drawn and quatered, how cruel, stupid and pathetic can they get. poor lil kid
    if that happened to sum1 i know i’d burn the clothes in front of the family lol

  5. What a sad video. I am really upset for that boy! I wish I could reach out and buy that kid a 360, but is stupid family would probably sell it on him. Now I am angry! Grrrrr!

  6. …I read a comment on YouTube that later that day he got his 360. I hope that is true.

  7. Oh my.. that’s sad 😦

  8. “…I read a comment on YouTube that later that day he got his 360. I hope that is true.”

    Me too. Not only is this horribly mean, but then it winds up on YouTube? It’s like they planned all along to project his disappointment all over the Internet.

  9. If you hear about a quintuple homocide by a 7-year old… you know what happened.

  10. haha I love that video.
    He actually did get a 360 though.
    They did that because they found out he was looking at his presents the night before.

  11. Ouch. How cruel.

  12. Even for a small amount of time, upsetting your kid that much is not worth the laughs. I’m glad that he got his 360 later.

    *sorry for the double post*

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