Mod of The Day: XCM Controller

Our Xbox 360 Controllers are pretty plain right? I mean it looks nice with its white color but its plain. With that being said I wouldn’t mind owning the controller in the above video. I mean look at the buttons lighting up like a Christmas tree.


-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

4 Responses

  1. That is pretty hot. I bet my batteries would be used up fast though.

  2. Thats pretty cool your using my short vid on my modded controller. The mod was simple, only hard part was figuring out how to remove the TRIGGER buttons to install the new clear ones. Other than that soldering the 3 wires to their points was simple. Had to mod the case a little to make it snug but it was a great buy.

  3. As for the batteries I bought the rechargable black batt, pack and it works the same. And the battery life is the same, remember they are LED’s and they dont really consume a lot of juice. the big PLUS is the controller has a small button(opposite of the wireless conectivity button u press to connect to console) to turn off the lights if you choose to

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