Trigger Heart Exelica is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday

Developer Warashi has confirmed that their Saturn shoot-em-up Trigger Heart Exelica is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday. Never heard of it? Me neither. So I checked around for some information and got some off the old wikipedia.

Trigger Heart Exelica is a shoot ’em up by Warashi, makers of the Saturn shooting game Shienryu. It was released in Japanese arcades in early 2006. The game runs on Sega’s Naomi hardware.

The game involves playing 1 of 2 anthropomorphic fighters to battle against 5 stages of enemy ships. Exelica specializes in wide area attacks, while Crueltear uses concentrated front shots. Players can fire anchors to catch enemy ships, then use the caught unit as a shield or throw it to inflict more damage. Like Zanac, this game dynamically adjusts difficulty based on the player’s in-game performance.

The game will be going for 800 Microsoft Points and I say the more shoot-em-ups the better.

[Via Destructoid]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

3 Responses

  1. I’m surprised we’re getting it over here. Nice

  2. I’d rather have Ikaruga, but it’s nice change from most XBLA games.

  3. looks like omega 5 from a top to bottom view rather than side scroller…..sorta

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