Top 3 XNA games I enjoyed

I’m starting to understand what Microsoft is trying to do with their XNA Creators Club. These bite-sized games can be tons of fun and it will be nice to see these titles mature into full fledged Xbox Live Arcade titles. So, after playing around with the Creators Club here are the top 3 games which tickled my fancy.

1. Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

What can I say about this game? Developed by James Silva this game is simply fast paced and addicting. Throw in some slashing combos and aerobatic moves and Dishwasher:Dead Samurai is sure to be a hit on Xbox Live Arcade. If you want to support the cause why don’t you pick up some Dishwasher:Dead Samurai T-shirts.

2. Little Gamers

These little tykes are violent. The First chapter of the game has you punching hippies in the head and cracking them over the head with baseball bats. The second chapter has you mowing down Zombies with a chainsaw and pumping some shots with a shotgun. This game is designed very simply and I wouldn’t mind dropping some MS Points on it.

3. Jelly Car

Throw in a car which can grow and Jelly wheels and you have Jelly Car. This game has the car and objects drawn on a wrinkled piece of paper and it’s just so creative. I also love the improvised sound effects as well.

Make sure to download the XNA Creators Club and try these games!

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

4 Responses

  1. Jelly Car is awesome.

    I didn’t really feel Little Gamers… I got several levels in (the ninja stage) and it just became clear that I would never do anything different and continue to run right in completely bland levels. It’s not terrible, but I really hope there’s more to it whenever it comes out.

  2. What I like about Little Gamers is it seems so innocent but its freaking twisted. 🙂

  3. It felt like a poorly-done flash game to me.. I actually think I’ve played atleast 1 Flash Game that played just like it did, just different graphics. I’d buy a Dishwasher shirt but they only come in M and L.

  4. I agree with all those top 3 choices.
    Little Gamers at first I was kinda hating, but then I got into it and just loved it.

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