Goldeneye 007 to XBLA Rumours


It seems I have made a mistake here.  After reading through the actual article again on the Xbox World 360 website, this seems to be just the magazine generating a stir up to try and sell their magazines for this next issue. There are still rumours abound for this title.

On sale Wednesday, the latest issue of Xbox World 360 blows open Rare’s retooled classic with never-seen shots and hands-on details. How different is it? What improvements have been made? What does it feel like on the 360 pad? And how can we make sure this incredible remake does see the light of day? Xbox World 360 tells all.

Looks like I got my hopes a little to high there for a minute; I apologize to you all for this mistake.

[Via Evil Avatar and ComputerAndVideoGames]

Jereme “Restless Devil” Puik

13 Responses

  1. actually it’s not coming to XBLA. this magazine is just a feature of what the game was and is hoping to get support up to convince MS, Rare, Nintendo or whoever else to release it.

    but it’s not confirmed…just a magazine hoping to generate enough buzz to get the powers that be to change their minds 🙂

  2. Yeah, fact checking is important, mmkay? 😛

  3. Well, that’s weird….Evil Avatar had the article posted saying it was confirmed as that’s where I got the original source from. Hmm, well looks like I’ll be changing this into the rumor mill then….

    Sorry guys… mistake.

  4. no apologies necessary…just trying to lend a helping hand 🙂

  5. Yeah I was j/k, I think we all want it to be true so bad that when you see something like that it blinds us a little 😉

  6. Thank guys…

    That is indeed true. Got to learn to not go reading into articles so blindly with things like that. 🙂

  7. I don’t know, they do apparently claim they have a hands-on with it. That’s something no other place has claimed at all. I really don’t think it’s your fault that they’re liars.

  8. i’m sure they’ve played it perhaps as it was actually going to come to XBLA at one point. but it’s not coming…yet at least.

    the magazine is hoping to incite the crowd though in order to convince MS to put it out. i mean it was being developed for sure but they scratched it for whatever reason.

  9. I just woke up… what did I miss? lol

  10. Weak….whats this magazine!? They will pay!!

  11. Probably got rid of it due to whoever currently have rights to the Bond series. AKA Lets all get in the van with some crowbars and pay some people a visit.

  12. Please give me this… 😦

  13. Xbox World 360.

    Come on, remember the driver 3 scandal? Or the rebranded issue when they moved to 360 coverage with its massive Halo 3 hoax?

    This magazine has, and always will be… full of bullshit.

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