New Glitch Fix Coming This Week


You may have heard of it, or even experienced it. Halo 3 players will be seeing a new glitch fix this week from Bungie. It seems as if there is a little complex problem when two players melee each other at the same time. The auto-update it seems has been sent off to Microsoft for Certification and should be coming sometime this week, according to the report.

“The Short Version

Melee contests will only produce a winner if he has a sizeable health advantage over the loser. Otherwise, both players may die in the clash.

Bungie goes on in the report to further explain the problem, Read on to find out what’s going to take place.

[Image from Joystiq Via Joystiq]

Jereme “Restless Devil” Puik

The Halo 3 “Fix”

In Halo 3, there is explicit special treatment for what is called a “melee contest”, which occurs when two melee attacks occur almost simultaneously. Specifically, when the host starts to throw a melee attack, there is a short window after that (three frames, or approximately 100ms) during which the host will watch for a retaliatory melee attack. If one arrives inside that window, it is a contest. Besides smoothing out the latency differences between clients (it works the same way when one client melees another), this allows a client with a ping as high as 100ms to compete with the host on a far more even footing than Halo 2 allowed.

So now we have the contests, but how are they resolved? Having determined that we cannot trust timing in an environment with latency, we instead use the remaining health (including shields) of the contestants as the tie-breaker. This is about as fair as you can get, within the conventions of Halo—the guy who did more damage comes out on top. Specifically, the winner of the contest still takes melee damage from the loser, but is protected from death and lives to fight another day.

On paper, this method addresses the host advantage (among others) and is scrupulously fair. There’s just one problem:

Check out the full report here to read into all the details.

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