N+ Arriving on XBLA Wednesday


Gold-thursting, ninja kicking robots are awaiting you in, N+, coming to Live Arcade this week. Should be good fun all for 800 MS points.

In the enhanced version of the original game “N,” players take on the persona of a ninja who must use agile acrobatic actions to battle robots in the futuristic world of “N+.” Play as a lone ninja or destroy the robots with a friend in Cooperative, Survival or Race modes using local or Internet co-op via Xbox LIVE. “N+” boasts 2-D Ragdoll physics with incredibly styled next-generation graphics for an intense visual experience. With unlimited lives, over 300 levels to master and a built-in level editor for when you crave more, the gold-searching and robot-smashing adventures are seemingly endless!

[Via Press Release and Major Nelson]

Jereme “Restless Devil” Puik

8 Responses

  1. this could be good with coop, remind me of pda games, those were a blast! shows how much fun you can have with such little graphics

  2. Why will poeple pay for something that you can play online for free?

  3. Why, achievements of course!

    And if they have a suck computer thats been infected with 30million different trojans (not saying I have one) and cant play online due to the slowness of their computer or dont even have a computer then they might download this one :]

  4. Burndem: Most people probably have never heard of this game no matter how popular it may already be, so it being free online already is completely irrelevant. How many people have heard of this amusing thing we call videogames only to have never played one because of some stupid taboo they’ve bought into from others like them. It’s a similar idea with this game as it’s never been on a console they somewhat understand as of yet. PC gaming is a mystery to most no matter how many times they’ve played Bejeweled.

    Your question is still a valid point though.

  5. Even though the pc version is free most people (as the developers themselves stated) would rather play on a bigger screen while sitting on a couch then with their faces pressed against the computer screen.

  6. You can play N online for free. You can’t play N+. They’ve added a significant amount of content to this title for its console release… I guess they can’t give out every thing related to it for free forever. It seems like a good value to me.

  7. All valid points.
    I think this is gonna be a solid release.

  8. […] posted before about N+ being Live Arcade’s title this week, well now its available for download today. Here are the details of N+ now Live […]

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