360 Failure Rate at 16%


It is quite unfortunate that the 360 has suffered its failures and red rings of deaths. Microsoft just can’t seem to find the right hardware to keep our 360s lasting longer then 6 months. I myself have suffered one red ring of death almost 2 years ago this year. One report decided to dig into the matter and gave us some numbers to think about. 1up gives us the low down.

A new report claims the truth is somewhere in the middle. SquareTrade deals in selling warranties for electronics, and has amassed their over 1000 warranty claims to come up with some interesting data. The findings were a 16.4% failure rate of Xbox 360 systems, versus a roughly 3% rate for the Sony PlayStation 3 or the Nintendo Wii with sample sizes in the high hundreds. The well-known “Red Ring of Death” error accounted for about 60% of those hardware failures, and thus most system-breaking problems are covered by Microsoft’s extended warranty plan.

We know that Microsoft has stepped it up and extended its warranty for new Xbox 360 purchases, but it still doesn’t account for the fact that the red ring of death is still out there and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I only hope that one day we will have a peaceful year in which the 360’s death rate is at least decreased.

[Via Evil Avatar and 1up]

Jereme “Restless Devil” Puik

6 Responses

  1. Bad red lights, bad. I think you should go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

  2. […] Red Ring of Death problems that seemingly all of us have suffered through isn’t going away and lets face it, there can […]

  3. 16% still stinks, obviously. I’m glad there’s something actually based on, you know, data that gives this number though. People used to toss this 30% number all over the place, but there was never anything backing it up. Of course, it’s possible most of them are like me and never bought an extended warranty and just call MS lol… meaning it is much higher than 16%

    I’ve actually started hearing more about Wii issues like graphical artifacts and other issues apparently caused by leaving it on all the time (like Nintendo tells you to). I doubt it’ll ever reach 360 levels, but it’ll be interesting to see where these all stand at the end of the generation.

  4. One was enough for me >.>

  5. […] company which ran their own study on all these 360’s dying has backed up their claim of the 16% Failure Rate. The scary thing is this number could actually be […]

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