Mass Effect heading towards PC in May(2,000th post!)

Electronic Arts has announced that a PC version of Mass Effect will be released this May. EA posted some features for the PC version.

• Optimized controls designed specifically for the PC.
• High resolution visuals – Mass Effect for the PC features highly detailed textures, characters and environments.
• Fully customizable controls – PC gamers can re-map the control scheme any way they like.
• Run & Gun Control – Players can assign biotic powers or skills to ‘hot keys’ allowing them to play Mass Effect with a heavier focus on action.
• New decryption mini-game.
• New inventory screen GUI and functionality – The enhanced inventory system makes it easier for players to equip and modify their weapons and armor.

[Via Press Release]

[Update 1- Holy Moly! This is my 2,000th post on this site… WOW!]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

8 Responses

  1. You know, they could fix the GUI for the 360 version… Most of what made the menu system suck was not due to the controller, it was just horribly designed lol.

  2. I was sold Mass Effect with lies!
    “Only for Xbox 360″…Tuh.

  3. False Advertising! Commence Internet Drama! 🙂

  4. 2,000. Nice.

  5. It’s been a uphill battle but 2,000 has come and gone. 🙂

  6. happy 2,000th!

  7. This Blog’s been going down hill after post 1,000 😀

    I wish Bioware would stop making Mass Effect and give me my KOTOR 3. 😦

  8. awwww, I love you too Kage. lol

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