EA is pulling “Pause” functionality from Dead Space?

Has all the money finally gone to EA’s head? According to Computer and Video Games.com EA is toying with the idea of taking away the privilege of letting gamers pause in the upcoming space/horror shooter Dead Space. Not letting the gamer to pause will keep the gamer more in-tuned with the scares and really make the gamer feel always scared/nervous.

The version which was played by CVG is still an early build and Electronic Arts has not fully settled with the idea.What do you think if the pause function is pulled? What if you really needed to… you know….

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

4 Responses

  1. They’re not removing pause. Just the pause inventory menu. It would make no sense to remove pause as you could never leave your television.

  2. I don’t like the idea, I don’t pause the game when I get scared………. I drop the controller 😀

  3. Not a good idea at all. I’ll admit that when I sit down for some singleplayer in a game it’s usually for more than 30 mins., but what happens when you need to leave urgently and you’ll be back in a few? If what Hexx said is true, then that would be fine.

  4. “as you could never leave your television.” lol, that’s the point…

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