You want Conker? No Conker for you!

Rumors were swirling this past week that Conker:Live and Reloaded and Jade Empire were coming soon to the Xbox Originals section. Destructoid though has the scoop on what really went down.

Apparently some trivia site wanted Microsoft’s PR agency to upload some pictures(on their server) of some older titles so they could use them in their video game section. Some people in the press spotted the pictures(on the super secret server) and were led to to believe that these titles were coming to “Xbox Originals”.

So in Conclusion, the pictures were put up for the trivia site, not because these games were coming to “Xbox Originals”.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

One Response

  1. Conker remake failed. It had horrible multiplayer compared to the N64 version. WHERES MAH DAMN HEIST!

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