When Xbox and Waterjet meet

It isn’t on the same level as Sonic the Hedgehog being released on a Nintendo console or Sonic and Mario being in the same game, but when Xbox and a Waterjet meet the same obvious oxymoron situation occurs. Sure, while Sega and Nintendo continue to jump into bed with each other amidst all things right in the world, Xbox and Waterjet can’t go together with any pretty results, can it?

In a shocking turn of events if I don’t say so myself, I do believe they have found a solution to the Xbox 360 airflow problem, don’t you think? 😉 Supposedly provided to them by someone at Microsoft, these waterjet cutout’s from junk original Xbox circuit boards couldn’t have turned out any better. Thank you Waterjet. Your the “bestest”. Oh, and CAD is pretty cool too.

*Hit up the via link for more beautiful Waterjet carnage images.

[Via Waterjets.org]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

One Response

  1. ha i use one of these omax waterjets at work theyre f**kin awesome!:D a new RROD fix perhaps!??

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