Mass Effect DLC incoming

It’s been a constant question of content, but no more speculation is needed as Mass Effect finally has downloadable content on the way. Called the “Bringing Down the Sky” content pack, this 400 point addition to Mass Effect will be available for download on March 10.

Bring Down the Sky includes a new uncharted world that introduces the notorious and feared alien race of the Batarians. A Batarian extremist group has hijacked a mobile asteroid station in the Asgard system, setting it on a collision course with the nearby colony world of Terra Nova. Only Commander Shepard can save the millions of innocent civilians before the asteroid completes its deadly descent.

Bring Down the Sky contains approximately 90 minutes of heart-pounding action and a new Achievement worth 50 Gamerscore points.

Surely the uninformed will be saddened that this isn’t the “full frontal nudity” content pack that there looking for. Gamers hopes everywhere will be dashed when they find out that “Luke Skywalker meets Debbie does Dallas” this content is not.

[Via Mass Effect Official site]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. YES!
    Even though I’ve had this since Christmas and haven’t cracked the seal on it…YES!

  2. Awesome, I will without a doubt purchase it!

    By the way, shouldn’t it be “Luke THIGHwalker meets Debbie does Dallas”?

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