Rant Central #3: COD 4 vs. Halo 3: Hypocrisy ground zero

During this crazy time of the year for the gaming industry, now that all of the big games of last year are out, there’s bound to be controversy over which game is best. In this case, Call of Duty 4 vs. Halo 3. While this is in no way a review of the games, it’s most definitely a review of the hypocritical gamers out there who make rash decisions based on the hype upon of which each and every game gets or fails to get. Live Activity charts are abuzz with chatter over the two games. Which one is best? Let me see…..

Now, before Bungie’s Lukem’s and 1up/EGM’s Dan Shue go on a rampage in grand Godzilla fashion on all of the Halo haters, lets hear this out. There’s is no need to argue any of which is to come, because I’m right. I know it, you know it. So, how are those apples? Call me cocky if you want, but like I said before. I’m right. Your wrong. If you disagree then fine, but just know that your wrong. It’s been a long time coming for this when it comes to the respective camps fanboys. Now, it’s time to end all of the chatter once and for all.

Call of Duty 4, your so much fun. Just point and shoot. That’s all it takes. Halo 3, you’re also a heck of allot of fun. If you have both games, what are you to do? Play both damn it. Oh wait, we can’t do that. There’s this thing called a fanboy. Two games in the same genre being good? No way! But in this fanboy filled world, only one can be good, while all others are obviously complete crap.

Then there’s this second phenomenon called “a generic shooter”. Lots of gamers like to use it. Especially when it comes to Halo, but how is that? Personally, if I hear that term again (in my dreams of course), bad things are going to happen. There’s no other game in the same mold as Halo. Is there? Sure, there are other super soldier Sci-fi first person shooters, but none of them live up to Halo. Ridiculous jumping, shooting a guy a million times to kill them, a less satisfying rank progression system, and futuristic weaponry are just a few things that are complained about. Is any of this bad? Yes and No, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s the Halo formula that’s sold million of copies of it’s 3 incarnations.

Lots more can be said obviously, but here’s are the reasons why so many people like to hate on Halo:

  • No other shooter plays like Halo.
  • You suck when playing Halo, which refers back to #1.
  • You can’t play Halo 3 like every other shooter. Hence the stupidity of it being “generic”.
  • God forbid a shooter makes you play differently. Having to figure out how to take someone’s shields down must be to much of a mind binder to some. Remember, the opposition has to do the same.
  • Vehicles that matter. Oops, this is where Halo stomps all over COD4 since no player control vehicles are present at all. A design choice by Infinity Ward, fine.
  • Maps that don’t all feel to damn similar to each other. How many war torn city streets are there? A nighttime Russian map in the fields would be nice. Every map in Halo 3 is different from the next.

Again, of course there is much more, but in the end none of this matters. Why, because two games can be great at the same damn time. Why can’t anyone seem to figure that out? Play both equally! There’s the hypocrisy here, Halo is great if you don’t fall into that third group of haters that insist on the PC snobbery approach. Call of Duty 4 is great. I’ll admit that the COD 4 single player campaign is better, but that doesn’t mean Halo is all of a sudden sh*tty. Get over yourself! Lets move on, before I make enemies of the show stopping variety.

Level 3 done…..Level 3.5 Mini games R’ Us loading………

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

7 Responses

  1. Yes, both games are great, but I still prefer halo 3.

  2. You can prefer one game over the other as long as you don’t try and state one is better than other as a fact.

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  4. I’m not half bad at Halo 3, but I still prefer Team Fortress 2 over it. :/ I just want a 360 Wolfenstein. Is that so wrong?

  5. I started playing shooters online on the pc first, in games like counter strike where a few bullets would kill you so my bias is towards Call of Duty 4 but nothing can beat Halo 3 with a room full of friends playing custom games all day.

  6. I just want a 360 Wolfenstein. Is that so wrong?

    It’s coming Geo, It’s coming.

    I prefer Halo 3

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