The one that got away: Eternity’s Child

I think most Xbox Live Arcade gamers were saddened when news broke that the awesome looking Eternity’s Child was going to Nintendo’s Wii, not Xbox Live Arcade because of that damned size cap.

I mean just look at the video after the jump, the game is filled with Platformer awesomeness. I’m bringing Eternity’s Child back into the spotlight because the game’s creator Luc Bernard sent an email to Destructoid spreading the good news about Eternity’s Child’s status on the Wii.

Here is what Luc said:

Hi Luc Bernard here, the creator of Eternity’s Child for wii. well I’m happy to tell you guys that Eternity’s Child will be coming to wiiware at the cheap price of 500 points 😉 And still be beautiful, both musically and visually. Oh might i also mention that there is a new gameplay, that uses the wii remote, wow!!! it seems that eternity’s child might actually be good lol

Luc :)”

From the e-mail Luc seems like your everyday level-headed game developer who is excited for their game. The price of 500 Wii Points seems like a great deal for Nintendo fans and I say enjoy it. The one thing which seems sort of odd is why couldn’t Eternity’s Child fit on Xbox Live Arcade with the 150 MB Cap when the rumored cap for the Wii is 40 MB?

If you haven’t seen the game in action hit the jump for the gameplay video which was released last summer.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

2 Responses

  1. To be honest, something about this game always seemed off to me. The character seems really disconnected from the world around him and the control just doesn’t seem like it would be that tight. Obviously I’d have to try it, but it just never managed to make my list of things to watch out for.

    Who knows about the Wiiware stuff. The Wii only has like, what, 512MBs of memory to work with? People are going to have to quickly buy SD cards for the thing if they wind up with a few that are 150MBs.

    At the same time, maybe lowering it down to the Wii’s resolution made enough of a difference in file size? Who knows, I guess.

  2. The resolution decrease could account for the size decrease (a path I hope SFHDR doesn’t take). Or it could be that the Wii is STILL selling like hotcakes. Follow the money…

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