Buku Sudoku is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, like you didn’t already guess

In this Casual Games era that we’re living in it’s not hard to believe that a Sudoku game is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. I’m just wondering what took so long for it to happen? Anyway, it was announced today that Merscom is creating a game for Xbox Live Arcade called Buku Sudoku which of course is a Sudoku game.

The press release had this to say about it:

Buku Sudoku uses three key features of the XBLA platform to create the best console Sudoku experience. First, the native HD resolution of the 360 allows for an easy to read grid with pencil marks. Secondly, the controller’s triggers and thumbsticks make for a very fast entry method, a usual barrier with electronic Sudoku games. Thirdly, the unique XBLA service allows for multiplayer experiences never before witnessed in a Sudoku game. All of this is wrapped up in a cohesive graphical style that manages to offer something for all users. In a similar fashion, multiple puzzle sizes, difficulties, control schemes, and tutorials offer appeal to any player whether totally new or a veteran.

The game is aiming for a Q2 2008 release so it shouldn’t be that long before you’re all Sudoku’d out.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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