Electronic Arts announces Facebreaker

There was once a game series called Ready to Rumble. Fighters like Afro Thunder where a crowd favorite. This generation there hasn’t been such a game of boxing, until now ( or until Facebreaker releases). Featuring what is called “real-time facial deformation” this game is to be what is called “approachable”.

According to EA’s Peter Moore in a press release, “Arcade boxing takes me back to my roots in this industry, and this game signals our shift to adding more approachable fun to our product lineup.”

There’s nothing left to do now but hope and wait. Team Night Fight Fortress anyone?

[Via 1up]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

4 Responses

  1. Nice. This looks pretty solid actually.

  2. Hopefully we actually get some decent controls and good AI. /sarcasm

    Interesting concept though….

  3. […] little bit ago Electronic Arts announced Facebreaker. A more more approachable boxing game for the masses this game is supposed to be. Unfortunately, no […]

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