Mad Tracks 2? No, it’s Things on Wheels!

Are you ready for an Xbox Live Arcade RC car game? This summer will see the release of “Things on Wheels” which is being published by SouthPeak Games(Two Worlds, Monster Madness) and developed by Mad Tracks developer Load Inc.

What is Things on Wheels? Judging by the screenshot you would think a more polished version of Mad Tracks but you would be mistaken. SouthPeak games stated what pulls this game apart from other racers in their press release.

A key innovation for Things On Wheels is its non-linear track design. Moving from room to room within an expansive virtual house, courses are constructed from routes that incorporate everyday items as hazards and obstacles. It’s entirely possible that a championship could be won by taking the right path around a set of table legs, or cruelly lost by failing to avoid the searing heat of an electric heater. With huge scope for a variety of wildly entertaining courses, developers Load Inc. are promising to infuse Things On Wheels with as much radio-controlled racing mayhem as possible.

Mad Tracks received lukewarm reviews but I’m hoping this game nails that whole “small car racing” thing.

[Via Press Release]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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  1. How…original?

  2. […] is the second arcade title for SouthPeak with Things on Wheels being the […]

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