Cry Engine 2 to be debuted on the Xbox 360 at GDC ’08

Most said it wouldn’t happen, especially on the Xbox 360, but Crytek is going to prove otherwise. Announced by Crytek, Cry Engine 2 is to be shown at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

First publicly shown at last year’s conference, and recently released as the technology underlying their critically acclaimed PC game, Crysis, this year’s engine will be shown for the first time running on multiple hardware platforms such as the PS3 and Xbox 360, to a select audience.

Lots of people (as in only 100,000 or so) shelled out tons of money to play Crysis on the PC, but was it all in vein for just an early play of the game that might see its day on a console anyway? Keyboard and mouse arguments are for another day. If or when Crysis broadens it horizons, hopefully it doesn’t receive the same treatment Far Cry did on the Original Xbox or it’s port to the Xbox 360. The PC Far Cry was in a whole other world, so hopefully Cry Engine 2 has no compromises.

[Via Crytek]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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  1. Seeing is believing….so with that in mind. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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