Grand Theft Auto IV launching April 29th worldwide

It’s been a long time coming for Grand Theft Auto IV. Long heralded as the series that always makes its ship dates, GTA IV was the first in the franchise to curb stop that myth into oblivion when it was announced that the game would indeed be delayed until 2008. Well, 2008 is here and a official ship date has now been announced for Aril 29th.

“We are so excited to be releasing Grand Theft Auto IV,” said Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar Games. “We’ve pushed ourselves very hard to make something incredible and hope the game sets a new benchmark for interactive entertainment.”

Are you ready? The weight of immense hype is upon this game. Will it live up to it all? Nope, but with games like Saints Row breathing down its neck, the pressure is on.

[Via Press Release]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

7 Responses

  1. Will it live up to it all?

    Tenfold, I am super hyped for this game.

  2. I got the email at Noon…My jaw dropped.
    I can’t wait!

  3. It won’t live up to the hype whatsoever you’re saying? What are you basing this on? Or maybe you were completely kidding since you are comparing this franchise to Saint’s Row?

  4. Local H is on Saints Row 🙂

  5. Dave: I didn’t say whatsoever. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but gamers are a bunch that are hard to impress. GTA IV can create world peace upon it’s release and it still won’t be enough. Look at the Halo 3 hype. It’s a fantastic game, but so many had unrealistic expectations based on hype that the gaming community itself creates.

    As far as Saints Row, its by far the closest to threaten the GTA franchise, in a miracle of a long shot.

  6. yeah! this game Rocks i fist playing with GTA: vice City
    and i was totally hooked with it!

  7. […] April 29th, will be here before anyone know’s it. Unfortunately the time between now and then will include a fair amount of marketing for Grand Theft Auto IV. Halo 3’s advertising blitz up until its launch annoyed quite a bit of people, but will history repeat itself this time around? If you fell into that camp of annoyed do gooder’s who are easily turned off be excessive advertising then look no further than the above image of a wanted poster for GTA IV’s main character of choice, Niko Bellic. Lorimer and Grand is supposedly where this can be seen, so go check it out if you happen to be in Brooklyn, NY. That is if it’s still there. […]

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