Gears Action Figure Pictures


After the fan made Gears munny doll that graced Ebay a few months back, official Gears action figures could only follow. 3 different models, Marcus, Cole, and a Locust, have showed their post apocalyptic faces in plastic form. A 4th toy will be hitting shelves along with them, however all we know about it is the product page at Big Bad Toys calling it a “sniper variant.” While they do look highly detailed and shelf ready, the models will have 12 points of bone-crushing, chain-sawing articulation for action poses(cant wait to see the Master Chief vs Marcus pictures). The Gears toys will be hitting retailers for $17 each in April.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

Matthew “Webnet” Moore

5 Responses

  1. Give me a Dom or Locust Sentinel with a Sniper Rifle, and I’m sold.

  2. Brumak for me please. It would somewhat make up for the snub in chapter 4.5 content 360 Gears owners didn’t get because the game just had to be out.

  3. “Woo! Yeah bring em on sucka..that my kind of SH….”

  4. up to about as proud to actually We had We had huge tree I’d hoped

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