Fashion 101: The Retro Scarf


Usually I don’t take too much interest in fashion. Unless I’m in my trendy suits for work, I like to be as comfortable as possible. The human body can only take so much dress-up time. So when I saw this scarf on Joystiq the other day, believe me when I say I was impressed. Heralding memories of Super Mario Brothers 3 binges, I just had to post this here. Even though we are Xbox fanboys here, surely we can all appreciate our gaming origins and have some respect for the one game that’s bigger than Halo. From Tanya, I bring you… the Nintendo Retro Scarf! Feast your eyes below.


If you want to buy one of these amazing works, just check out the link HERE although it appears to be sold out. Hopefully Tanya will be bringing some more of these out ASAP. Thanks Tanya.

[via Joystiq, Etsy, and Tanya]

David “Whet Wurm” Wetty

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  1. Does the scarf come with her? JK

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