Big Daddy Replacements and artbooks finally being sent out

Remember back in August when 2K promised to send out Big Daddy figurine replacements and art books for Bioshock owners? It seems that 2K has stuck to their word and are currently sending out the Big Daddy replacements and Bioshock art books. Loyal Xbox Domainer thw sent over the picture posted above as the proof in the pudding.

Anyone else receive their figures?

Thanks thw!

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

11 Responses

  1. I want to steal thws book.

  2. haha Come and get it.

  3. Alright :O *puts on his Splinter Cell suit*

  4. I wish I’d been able to pick up a collector’s edition at the time 😦 That model’s so cool.

  5. How to I go about getting a big daddy replacement? I got the collector’s addition and my big daddy’s bit fell off!

  6. Bollocks! I tried to contact 2K support and was told that I had to send in a picture of my Big Daddy with the broken drill bit even though I registered for a replacement the day that website went live.


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  8. Hopefully mine finds its way to me in 1 piece! It has been so long I wonder if 2K has forgot about me!

  9. Mine arrived in the mail today as well. All I had to do last year is enter my name and address on their website. My Big Daddy figure’s drill bit tip was broken when I bought the game.

    The new figure arrived today packed in styrofoam and I got the free art book as well. I also got to keep my original figure so I guess I will try and superglue the tip back on the figure.

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