Rant Central #1: Innovation: “It’s a trap”

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”I want innovation, I want innovation”. No you don’t! You say you do, but when something new is attempted you say it’s not the same as before. Latest case in point is Burnout Paradise. Burnout fans get over yourself, that is if you want the same game again, and again, and again.

I love games, you love games. We all want them to be better with each and every release, so why do so many of us not like it when a series does what we often cry out for every time. Innovation is the word, right? Look at the game that came before, see what’s different, then any differences are suppose to determine whether or not you should buy this “new” game. Look at poor ole Tim Schafer. You can’t tell me that he’s not about ready to bust some caps in some gamers asses for his less than stellar selling Psychonauts. It’s only the most unique game to release in the last five f’ing years that has what everyone wants, as in familiar platforming, but tanks due to supreme hypocrisy. Tim should get a pass if he where to ever crack and turn into a crazed hitchhiker who’s only victims are hypocritical gamers.

What are developers to do when you send mixed messages left and right? The Demo for Burnout Paradise has been out for a while, but nothing has really come of this other than mass bitching by people who want Burnout as it already was, but at the same time want something new. WTF is that? Is everyone suffering from some kind of multiple personality disorder.

Give me a break! Some will say that Burnout has finally been “EA’ized”. No, Burnout has seen some bit of innovation. Or is it that we all really just want to play what’s familiar underneath the mask of wanting innovation. After all, this is what EA has made their mad loot from after their hay day of the early 90’s.

Objection! This is Madness! For those that have seen 300 or read the graphic novel, what if Leonidas were to leave the Spartan Brotherhood to go learn the Kung Fu lifestyle? Kung Fu sure looks great doesn’t it. He wants to do something different, but when he finally sees that Kung Fu is not like what he’s always known, he rejects it because it’s “not the same”. As far fetched as that is, all of the gamers out there who beg for innovation only to hate it when it’s given to them are falling into that same dumb ass trap as our buddy Leonidas. Am I calling everyone that hated on the Burnout Paradise Demo hypocrites? Your damn right I am. Hypocrite, Hypocrite, Hypocrite. Did I forget to say that you’re all hypocrites?

On a side note for a second. Even Criterion’s own Alex Ward falls into this stupid trap. Talking about we don’t “beat” games, we finish them. First of all, I’ll “beat” a game when ever I damn well please. When I’m done “beating” Burnout Paradise (which can’t be done this time around due to it’s open world that can be never ending online), I’ll “beat” what ever comes next, damnit! Beat, beat, mother f’ing “beat”. That’s right. I “beat” all four past Burnout games and Alex Ward sure isn’t going to stop me from “beating” this one. How “beat”arific is that.

Getting back on track. Burnout Paradise is now an open world. Great, now we can all look forward to something different. Oh, but “I can’t just restart an event if I fail it.” Boo, Hoo. It’s called, do another one until you get back to that intersection. Like I said before, it’s different this time out. You don’t have to just go from point A to point B in a predefined path that over time will become tiresome or better yet, boring. That’s the main reason why so many people are bored to tears when racing a car in a video game. Now, you can get to point B how ever you damn will please, as long as you do it before the other racers. If that’s not worth anything, then all game designers should quit now, because they’ll never do anything that’s good enough, even for the people that say that they’re Burnout fans. In this case your not a Burnout fan, your a fan of familiarity. Familiarity and Innovation don’t necessarily mix. So stop asking for it, because your not ready.

Who would think that all of this would be over an EA published game. Go figure. Level 1 over. Level 2….loading.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

11 Responses

  1. I never got Psychonauts due to at the time of release I was flat broke. It was one I always meant to get, just… flat broke. Granted, me being broke is fairly common still.

  2. I recently found a copy of Psychonauts a few month’s before Xbox originals was announced. It’s fantastic. It’s a shame hardly anyone bought that game. Flat broke is my middle name. There’s some commonality Geo. Ha!

  3. I may grab Psychonauts tomorrow at GameStop used depending on how much it is/money I have in wallet. Gotta grab a play n charge kit first though, managed to get me 2 free wireless 360 controllers! A white and a spartan one. Well, more or less free, one I traded a game for but none the less.

  4. Yeah, I need to finish Psychonauts >.>

  5. Rants FTW. All True Will.

  6. Haha, I’m a Burnout fanboy (it may very well be my favorite game) and I really love what they’re trying to do. I think I was one of 3 people outside of the development team that loved how NFS Most Wanted was setup and Burnout Paradise is making me quiver with excitement (6 more days… 6 more days…). I’m ecstatic to see EA doing innovative things (Burnout, RTS on consoles, etc.) and supporting new IP (Army of Two, etc.). I agree with Will; what messages are we sending to developers when we complain about no innovation, and the bitch about changing our favorite games? I guess the happy middle ground is to leave the favorites as they are and start a new IP using the innovative ideas?

  7. I totally agree with you! (please dont hit me!)
    Just kidding, I havent tried the demo yet (I havent played any burnout game either) but I get your point, its true that most people ask for change but when someone try to change (which is a risk worth taking) they “change” their minds and want the same old game.

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