Kane and Lynch sells 1 Million Copies… no really

Don’t you love it when a “Average” at best game can still sell 1 Million copies? It’s like “50 Cent:Bulletproof” all over again.Gamedaily has the news on the shocking report.

I completed the single player of Kane and Lynch and to me the game just felt very average. The aiming system is unstable and the hit detection is ways off. The “Fragile Alliance” multiplayer mode is fun when played correctly. I hate the little punks who just start killing everyone in the beginning of the game for no apparent reason.

Reminder: “Fragile Alliance” is supposed to be your teammates and you working together to kill the cops and steal money. When you see one of your fellow Mercs heading to the getaway van, then you can pop them and steal the loot… UGH!

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

3 Responses

  1. Maybe they will make a sequel. I just hope another video game reviewer doesn’t lose his job again.

  2. The game is barely worth a rent.

  3. Honestly its not that bad of a game…its just it lags so much online.

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