Dr.Phil can save you from Xbox Live too? No way!

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Anyone who’s had any kind of time on Xbox Live or any other online activity that includes the use of a microphone can attest to the high chance of you running into idiocracy or just plain racism. Whether you take it seriously or just shrug it off in an attempt to ignore it, one thing is for certain, racism exist everywhere whether you choose to see it or not. Surely, this thing we enjoy called videogames can’t be another avenue for this to take place? Can it? Sadly, we don’t live in a world of everlasting joy in one’s self continent just yet.

How to fix this if at all possible? Why, Dr.Phil of course. Well, that’s what one Xbox Live member resorted to after repeated occurrences of racist, hateful, and threatening speak was geared toward him and his family several times while playing on Xbox Live. While appearing on Dr.Phil’s show, the gamer in question (Terry) had this to say about his calls to Microsoft support:

“I called Xbox Live. I gave them all the information they needed to know, and they told me before they can do anything, take any kind of action, there has to be 10 complaints filed against [the other player],” he continues, incensed. “That’s like you coming to my house, robbing me, and I call the police. Are they going to tell me, ‘Well, if that guy comes back to your house 10 times, we’ll come out and do something about it’? I think that’s disgusting. I think Mr. [Bill] Gates needs to change that rule, and I think it needs to be changed immediately.”

A main focus of Major Nelson’s podcast a few weeks ago coincidentally, what was said to Terry was the same policy that is followed for every case. Should anyone care about this if you haven’t experienced anything like this, sure you should, as I myself have experienced similar occurrences as Terry explains:

Terry shares some taunts he receives from other gamers. “I’ve been called ‘monkey,’ or ‘Are your hands greasy from eating all that chicken?’ ‘I’m going to put a lynch on your door,’” he says.

Hateful speak like that is a real shame, surely. Can it be stopped by Microsoft or anyone else? No. Ignorance and hate exist every which way we look. Can more be done about this issue? Of course, but as of this moment Dr.Phil may make you fell just a little bit better about yourself instead if your name is Terry. Until a miracle happens in trash talk and race relations, have fun, play fair, send feedback, or file a complaint. Major Nelson says it constantly and it’s a good time to start listening to those few words if you haven’t already.

[Click here for a transcript of the appearance on Dr.Phil]

[Via Ripten]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

4 Responses

  1. I thought they disabled the accounts of people who did this? Isn’t that part of the TOS?

  2. If only it were that easy. How do you know what a good complaint is versus a fraudulent one? That Major Nelson podcast I linked to has him talking to one of the guys who deal with this at Microsoft. It’s a good listen. One of the best MNP in a long long time.

  3. Thats true, people report other people just because they don’t like them

  4. Ugh, people need to grow thicker skins, the Internet will always be like that. Either mute them or just give them a taste of their own medicine back.

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