Xbox Live "downtime" summed up rather nicely

Over the last few weeks Xbox Live “downtime” has been a rather hot topic for great reason. Sure, it hadn’t really been down “completely”, but the constant forest fire of rage that happens to be called the Internet was ready and waiting for the lighter fluid to be thrown upon it once more. Unfortunately, the the target was Live this time around and for good reason. Anyway anyone of us tries to sum up what the outcome of this is, the following comic by CTRL+ALT+DEL after the break captures the moment all to well. Does everything really have to come down to a lawsuit?

*The comic may not be safe for work, and is most definitely not safe for kids. Profanity included. You have been warned.


-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

5 Responses

  1. Lol if only that were true.

  2. haha Bravo CTRL+ALT+DEL

  3. yeah i saw this lol…trippy….laughed out loud on it.

  4. I love CTRL ALT DEL

  5. who would stand there and look at their car with 4 brand new tires that didnt hold air, no one I want my money back not millions

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