Microsoft Says Some Compensation is in Order

As any and all crazed Xbox Live fans would tell you, this past week has been hellish. I personally had issues for only a couple days but many of you had worse luck then that, and it seems that the big wigs over at MS have taken notice and are going to help console us in this dark hour. Well, I guess everything is back to normal now so to speak, so I guess it’s not such a dark hour anymore but that’s beside the point. Microsoft has released an official statement saying how they are going to reward us with some goodies for our lost gaming time. Here it is straight from the horses mouth:

Dear Xbox LIVE Members:

During this past holiday season you helped us break a number of Xbox LIVE records. This included our largest sign-up of new members to Xbox LIVE in our 5 year history and just yesterday you broke the record for the single biggest day of concurrent members ever on the service.

As a result of this massive increase in usage we know that some of you experienced intermittent Xbox LIVE issues over the holiday break. While the service was not completely offline at any given time, we are disappointed in our performance. I would like to take this moment to thank you each and every one of you for your patience and understanding as our team has worked around the clock to return the service to a stable state.

At the same time we would like to offer a token of our appreciation to all of you in celebration of record success for the service. And as a thank you for your loyalty during this holiday period, we will be offering all of our Xbox LIVE members around the world access to a full Xbox LIVE Arcade game that will be available to download free of charge. In the coming weeks we will be sharing the specific details of this offer with you.

Thank you again for helping make Xbox LIVE everything that it is today!


Marc Whitten

General Manager, Xbox LIVE

Gamertag: Notwen

I really didn’t expect anything in return for our lost gaming but I’m not going to argue about receiving a free arcade game. Hopefully MS learned a valuable lesson about beefing up bandwidth for all the Christmas converts next year so we don’t have to go through this again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some free Metal Slug 3.

[via: Major Nelson]

-Brandon “Hoosierdaddy812” Petesch-

14 Responses

  1. Chances are we’ll get something worthless, like *another* free Robotron or Uno code that noone needs/wants.

  2. I’m seriously going to buy a PS3 out of spite if they dump another crap game on us instead of a free month of XBL.

  3. molnedew: There’s no need to buy a PS3 because of a “free” game you may not want. Do what you want, but don’t buy a PS3 as some statement to Microsoft as to stick it to them. Your one purchase isn’t going to really be felt until there are a few million more of you, I’m sure.

  4. Well the Arcade game will have a lot of players so I hope its one with a lot of Co Op achievements.

  5. Hopefully it’s a damn good game.

  6. Teh SExxay! I’ll take a free game. I mean, yeah, Live was jacked, but I kinda expected it considering how many people were expected to sign up (read financial reports sometimes, they can be very interesting). I just hope it’s a free game I haven’t bought. Seeing as I have 75% of the games on XBLA, I would prefer 400 MSP credited to my account.

    As for the whole PS3 thing, why would you waste $400 over a simple $5 game? MS could have just said, “Sorry, won’t happen again.”

  7. Because people like to overreact and be melodramatic on the Internet.

    Somehow I find it hard to believe that Sony’s network would easily handle the stress that has been put on the Live network the past couple of weeks. They’re nowhere near having the same numbers.

  8. Yea, atleast buy a PS3 for the right reasons, like it plays games from any region, and you hope in Japan they start releasing more pr0n games.

  9. So what are we looking at?
    Frogger….Joust…Robotron….the usual freebies?

  10. Probably. Microsoft hates giving out things worth half a crap… I only have gold right now myself because I got a free year. I can’t stand paying for the service, so eh. Things like this… but again, I’m not paying for my current year so NYAH!

  11. *crosses finger for good game*

  12. Dear microsoft, I am sorry to hear of your latest probs with the servers. It’s a shame Mr Gates does not make enough money to make reliable consoles and servers.
    I told my granny about your problem and she is prepared to do a sponsored 48hr knitting session to raise funds to help you in your time of need.She realises that your number 1 concern is your often very loyal customers who spend a fortune on your products.
    Due to this latest crisis your offer of compo by way of a free arcade game is overwhelming, granny nearly fainted when she heard the news!
    She thinks you may be unwell and has looked up the symptoms in her medical reference book.Looking pale faced granny turned to me and said.”That poor Mr Gates I think he has a rare form of TIGHTARSEITUS!!!”.
    She suggested you buy a bigger calculator to add up all the maths concerning your profits, this in turn may ease the headaches also associated with your condition.With Kind Regards, Mr F.E. Dup.

  13. P.S, I would like to take this opportunity to thank microsoft as they will fix my 6th broken xbox console in three years with parts that may be of a reconditioned nature.What a comforting thought!! It’s a shame my xbox elite lasted 6months But to be honest i wasn’t expecting it to last even that long.How about i just get a refund and plough it into a new venture making consoles myself.A good design would be in the shape of a pig with wings of course.Which can crap on you from a great height and cost over time the same ammount to fix or maintain as it costs to send a man to the moon!

  14. […] because of the dreaded Xbox Live server problems. The following week Microsoft’s Marc Whitten wrote a letter stating that MS was aware of problems, etc and that they would be giving away a free Xbox Live […]

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