8 Player Multiplayer added to Burnout Paradise demo

Did you delete the Burnout Paradise demo off your hard drive? Well you might want to fire that bad boy back up. Starting today (January 4th) and running through January 14th the Burnout Paradise demo will have 8 player multiplayer enabled.

Here is what Criterion stated on their website.

With it, a total of 13 new Freeburn challenges will be available for players to attempt – 3 challenges in 5, 6 and 7 player sessions, and 4 new challenges for those playing in 8 player sessions.

Burnout Paradise offers a true open world environment built for intense speed, excitement, and exploration.

I’m not really the biggest racing fan but I’m a sucker for destruction. Burnout Paradise will be a buy for me.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

5 Responses

  1. Time to re-download I guess.

  2. I’ll buy it after the pricedrop, love me some burnout.

  3. Burnout Paradise is the worst Burnout ever produced, that’s for sure. I won’t buy (but cry).

  4. No no no Trav, have you played the full game yet? I would hope you or anyone else wouldn’t fall into the innovation trap only to hate it when it’s attempted because it’s not like it was before. Demo’s are the best and worst thing to happen to consoles ever. There are way to many people condemning games based on a demo. Especially games that are “open world” where you only see a small fraction of playable space.

  5. I’m definitely getting BP, but I’m a bit hesitant to playing the demo AGAIN… Yet I must 😛

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