MUST HAVE MORE FREEZEPOP(OXM has 3 exclusive Rock Band tracks)

The February issue of Official Xbox Magazine has some free goodies included on the bonus disc. The bonus disc includes three tracks for the highly hyped but yet fun Rock Band. Here are the tracks:

* Freezepop — “Sprøde”

* Bang Camaro — “Rock Rebellion”

* Count Zero — “Shake”

Techno band Freezepop had that “get stuck in your head” song “Less Talk More Rokk” on Guitar Hero 2 and the highly trippy “Brainpower” on Rock Band. Bang Camaro also had a song on Guitar Hero 2 called “Push Push, Lady Lightning”.

Three Exclusive Rock Band Tracks – Only in OXM! [OXM]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

3 Responses

  1. I wonder if they will be downloadable sometime soon? My OXM switched over to mag only when I signed up for Gamefly and I dont get the disc anymore. Sad Face. But I guess its good for the lucky ones who get the disc every month.

  2. I guess I’ll get the magazine.

  3. Bang Camaro is like 1 of my favorite bands now
    i love all their mess

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